Cultural Humility

Cultural Humility is not a discreet endpoint, but a commitment and active engagement in a lifelong process that individuals enter into on an ongoing basis with participants, communities, colleagues, and with themselves.

– Leland Brown, 1994


cultural Humility 101

This free 1-hour workshop is designed to provide an overview of the concept of cultural humility and its place within an anti-racist framework.

cultural Humility: What do I Bring to the table?

The focus of this 2-hour workshop is on the first tenet of Cultural Humility: A commitment to lifelong learning and critical self-reflection.  In this workshop, we take a deep dive into our individual cultures and worldviews that affect the ways in which we understand the world and the people around us.  Participants can identify personal beliefs and values and how these factors influence their own behaviors when working with clients and colleagues. We discuss techniques for breaking maladaptive socialization that supports privileging dominant groups.

Cultural Humility: Power, Privilege and Prejudices

The focus of this 2-hour workshop is on the second tenet of Cultural Humility: Redressing imbalances for respectful partnerships. In this workshop, we examine the concepts power and privilege and how they support systemic racism. We bring attention to our own power, privilege, and prejudices and encourage reflection on how to mitigate the impact on vulnerable populations. Participants can state the potential influence of power, privilege, the –isms and their own history on relationships with clients and colleagues,

Cultural Humility: Is This A Mutually Beneficial Partnership?

The focus of this 2-hour workshop is on the third tenet of Cultural Humility: Developing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. In this workshop, we provide practical skills in interacting with others. Specifically, participants learn to practice humble inquiry and deep listening. Participants practice respectful and curious inquiry about individual and community points of view, values and life experiences, holding the stance of “listen as if the speaker is wise,”

Cultural Humility: Institutional Accountability

The focus of this 2-hour workshop is on the fourth tenet of Cultural Humility: Institutional Accountability.  In this workshop,  we help participants to identify  the ways in which our institutions perpetuate white supremacy concepts.  In this training, participants learn to integrate strategies into organizational structures, policies, activities.

Cultural Humility: Institutional Accountability – PART 2

The focus of this 3-hour workshop is to expand on the fourth tenet of Cultural Humility: Institutional Accountability.  This takes a deeper dive in examining current policies, procedures and practices at their respective institution.  It teaches the skills to make adjustments to reflect a more culturally humble perspective.  In this training, participants learn to transform institutions by promoting accountability.

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